Copic Marker Realistic Illustration of a Butterfly

Watch Creativity Coach Aisha Borel draw a Copic marker butterfly illustration from start to finish. To see the entire creative process, watch the (above) video. 

Sketching the Copic Marker Butterfly Illustration

SKETCH: Alright, what I’m doing here is using a pencil to sketch out the wings and body of the butterfly. The sketch is based on a picture I found online that I really like.

LIGHT BOX: Instead of coloring directly on the sketch, what I’ll be doing is using a light box to trace over the pencil lines in ink. What this allows me to do is keep the integrity of the sketch in tack.

Adding Ink & Choosing Color

INK: Since I’ll be using quite a bit of ink at the end of the illustration, all I’m wanting to do is get it down onto the paper as smoothly as possible. COLOR: Next step is choosing which color scheme I’m wanting for my Copic Marker Illustration.

Placing Each Color Where It Needs to Be

COLOR: Using a pale yellow marker I go in and place each color where it needs to be.

COLOR: Overall, I’m not too concerned about staying within the lines because I know that I’ll be going back over the wings with black ink a bit later on.

COLOR: Adding a dark gray to the body of the butterfly and a lighter gray to the wings will help me begin to visualize just where the black ink will go.

Blending Color & Adding Detail to my Butterfly

LAYER: Now that I have a sense of what colors will go where this is when I come in with another marker and start adding layers of color on top of what I already have. Since Copic Markers are alcohol-based, I can easily go in and create the blending of color that I am wanting.

INK: Now that I have the wings blended the way I want, I’m ready for the next stage, which is adding the finishing touches and ink details. What this will do is make the butterfly wings look more organic and add a level of detail to make this Copic Marker illustration really pop!

The Finished Piece

FINISHED: Ta-da!! Lol 😀 At some later point in my journey I’ll go back and do this Copic marker butterfly illustration once again (from start to finish), but for now, I’m pretty happy with what I created. If you are interested in purchasing the original art, send me a message or leave a comment in the comment section below.

Materials Used in the Creative Process

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Copic Markers
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Copic Multiliners
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Light Box
• LED Light Pad

• Copic Marker Sketchbook
• Marker Paper

Removable Tape
• Removable Tape

YouTube Set-Up
• Sony Alpha a5000
• Neewer LED Light Kit
• Zoom Recorder
• Lavalier Lapel Mic
• Blue Yeti Microphone
• Editing Software Adobe Premiere Pro CC
• Thumbnail created with Adobe Photoshop CC